MacKenzie Agency Travel and Hospitality Public Relations


Food, Wine and Travel Public Relations

Karen MacKenzie Public Relations develops comprehensive, cross-channel communications strategies to tell your story and build your brand. Whether print, broadcast or digital, we have the skill to craft compelling narratives that cast your brand in the most favorable light, and the relationships with key influencers whose endorsement is critical to gaining credibility with your trade and consumer audiences.

Sound communications strategy balances traditional and new media. The influence of implied editorial endorsement by trusted media sources remains priceless. Both trade and consumer audiences continue to rely on traditional media outlets for valuable information. Our approach utilizes the strong relationships we’ve built over decades with persuasive media voices across the spectrum, all aimed at building your brand.


Social Media Marketing and Management

We understand that in today’s fast-paced world of video consumption, texts, tweets, and “likes,” brands need to engage and communicate with an infinite stream of potential new customers – and we know how to reach them.

Our team can help you develop and facilitate a social media plan that will convert an audience into loyal customers that become invaluable brand messengers. Whether it be blogging, video and media sharing, social networking, social news and more, we can help your brand achieve online success.

MacKenzie Agency Food, Wine & Travel Public Relations
MacKenzie Agency Food, Wine & Travel Public Relations

Event Facilitation and Management

MacKenzie Agency provides full service event management and marketing to the food and wine industries.

Our experienced team handles all logistics for food and wine tasting events as well as industry trade show and conference booth sponsorships. We are frequently asked to provide on-site spokesperson and public relations detail for various events and conferences.

FAM Tours

Karen MacKenzie Public Relations regularly coordinates FAM (Familiarization) Tours with clients and their stakeholders to host media while visiting and touring destinations and brand facilities.

FAM tours are an ideal way to introduce your city, brand or business to key influencers – whether it be traditional journalists or bloggers. Inviting these select audiences to experience your product, city or stakeholder assets first-hand, provides them with the ability to virtuously endorse the brand, based on personal experience – testimonial that consumers trust and value.

MacKenzie Agency Food, Wine & Travel Public Relations

Additional Public Relations and Marketing Services

Product Placement/Integration

Karen MacKenzie Public Relations believes in the power of strategically aligned product placement. We work regularly to have client products placed as giveaways on television shows or as online sweepstakes/giveaways where the media messaging complements the brand’s message.

Our resourceful team actively pursues leads for clients on media opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the brand, and the media outlet.


Co-Branding Partnerships

In today’s world, partnering with like-minded brands that don’t directly compete with your product, is an ideal way to reach a broader audience. A strategically planned co-branding opportunity can take your products to the next level.

Karen MacKenzie Public Relations has a long track-record of aligning brands to market to a larger pool of customers.

Reputation Management

As communications professionals and solution providers, the Karen MacKenzie Public Relations specializes in reputation management. We are often called upon for crisis communications, as well as providing on-location brand representation at media events, tradeshows, conferences, and more.

If your brand is in need of a redefining its reputation, or simply wants to up its game, we are the agency to develop a creative, winning strategy. Give us a call. (707) 545-3280.

Campaign Reporting

Karen MacKenzie Public Relations believes in demonstrating your ROI in our services. We provide quarterly and annual reporting to our clients that request this service.

Each quarter, we examine our progress, and make campaign adjustments accordingly. We demonstrate our effectiveness by using Google Analytics (provided by each client to their website stats), Social Media insights, such as Facebook Insights (if we manage a SMM campaign), and report by using industry standard principals for success measurement.