MacKenzie Agency Food Public Relations

In the early 1990s, the culinary world still revolved around France and Italy. In terms of quality and flavor, heritage and lore, the olive oils, cheeses, peppers, and cured meats of Spain were every bit the rival of their French and Italian counterparts, yet were largely ignored or unknown outside the Iberian peninsula. As a reemerging European power, Spain wanted in on the booming U.S. market for high-end foods, so they turned to the MacKenzie Agency to build awareness and stimulate trial of Foods from Spain.

For the next 14 years, the MacKenzie Agency was relentless in its effort to expose culinary influencers and opinion-makers to the glories of Spain olive oil, cheese, Piquillo peppers, and Serrano ham. The agency orchestrated an ongoing campaign of product deliveries, desk-side tastings for media, special events with celebrity chefs and expert spokespeople, media tours of Spain, author tours, and aggressive media relations.

Spain achieved its goal, capturing a leading share of voice among U.S. media, supplanting Italy and France as the source of new and exciting culinary trends, and gaining a dramatic rise in market share for the various food products imported from Spain.

“The MacKenzie Agency understood how to craft a message that resonated with the targeted audiences we needed to reach, and importantly demonstrated access to the key media players. From there, it was enthusiasm and dedicated execution that brought it together and put Spanish cheeses, jamón, piquillo peppers, and olive oil on the culinary map.”

Jeffrey Shaw

Marketing Director, Foods from Spain