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Seven years ago, Charles Krug was a venerable old brand with an aging, shrinking following. Though it was the first commercial winery in Napa Valley, producing some of the most consistently superior wines in the region, the brand’s image had failed to keep up with a changing wine market and shifting consumer tastes.

The MacKenzie Agency refocused the brand’s message on its green production methods and second generation of leadership.  With most of its vineyards complying with standards for organic production, we positioned the family as champions of responsible, sustainable stewardship and an innovation leader. We invited influencers and opinion leaders to get reacquainted with a brand many no longer knew, and the aggressive media relations program paid off.

After the first year of our campaign, long-dormant sales volume ticked upward.  By the second year, the brand reported double-digit increases in sales volume. In the third year, overall case volume doubled from where it was at the start of the campaign. For the first time in a generation, Charles Krug was cool again, and both the media and the marketplace took notice.

We hired the MacKenzie Agency to reinvigorate our brand, burnish its reputation and raise the profile of the Charles Krug – Peter Mondavi Family Winery. The agency began quietly by reacquainting the key opinion-makers not with the label but with what was in the bottle. They put the product in front of the influencers and let it speak for itself. Their strategy worked, and as we gradually reappeared on the wine media radar, the consumer and trade audiences took notice. The agency fashioned a compelling story about the brand and our family and then built momentum behind it. The agency’s idea of having a Sotheby’s auction of our vintage signature Cabernet Sauvignons is the capstone on a public relations program that has brought the brand full circle. The renaissance we’re enjoying now is due first and foremost to quality improvements in the bottle, but also to MacKenzie for getting those improvements the attention they deserve.

Peter Mondavi Jr.

Co-Proprietor , Charles Krug Winery